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Re: Tapejara Military Drone

I've spoken with Rick Lind, and he has a good head on his shoulders. I think they will do well with a fun project, even though I personally might not agree with their thoughts about anatomy. I am very enthusiastic about their efforts toward walking (and think it will be very tough to accomplish in a replica).
P.S. Congrats on getting the PhD thesis behind you.

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Anyway, good luck to Chatterjee and his chums and all that. I'll be very interested to see the finished product: a mechanical flying and walking pterosaur sounds like a great idea. And if it doesn't work, they can sell the designs to B-movie makers and we can all enjoy _The Termodactyl_: part animal, part machine - all prehistoric terror!

Right, there must be something more sensible to do around here somewhere. Ah, there's something.