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RE: "Pachy's" had horns?

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> Hi Everybody,
> I know Jurassic Fight Club hasn't exactly been right on the 
> money with their interpretations, but I had to say something 
> about this latest episode.  Put simply...
> Nose horns...on a *Pachyrhinosaurus?*

No positive evidence for it, no. (At least as adults)

> I know I'm not exactly an expert in this field but, wouldn't 
> there be a horn core if they had a nose horn?

Those who advocate(d) this idea suggested a keratinous horn rising from the
mass, rather than one with a horn core. So more rhino than bovine.

> Is the nose horn theory still popular?

Not with me it ain't. And Witmer clearly has evidence that at least a
rhino-type attachment was not present. I can't speak for others.

Again, though, this was due to the way the program was organized: the models
were done and the fights decided and being animated prior to the interviews
with the consultants.

> P.S.  The NOVA show about 'Arctic Dinosaurs' aired on our 
> local PBS channel, and it was very entertaining and informative.
Yes, it was indeed the Week of Pachyrhinosaurus!

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