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Re: Epidexipteryx

> > THey also say its claws show it could climb, probably
> about as well as 
> > Microraptor.
> Which, in turn, was no more arboreal than a pigeon... 
> *Epidendrosaurus/Scansoriopteryx*, however, does have two
> or three arboreal 
> adaptations.

...and (not having read the paper nor Darren's piece[*]  IONO) might simply be 
juvies of Epidexipteryx, or at least something very similar?

Juvies more able to dwell in trees (at least temporarily) than half-growns? 
Makes sense.

Has there ever been anything on pedomorphosis playing a role in birds becoming 
fully arboreal? 

(Though Rhinehart et al's SVP abstract as passed around by Jerry recently 
suggests it would be rather subtle. Also, the relative limb length changes in 
ontogeny absolutely does not fit. How good a test case _Coelophysis_ is for 
proto- or very basal birds becoming more arboreal is very arguable though.)