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Pteroid Ptrouble

David Marjanovic wrote:

You misunderstand. The pteroid articulates with
the proximal syncarpal according to that talk.
Unwin explicitly agreed with Bennett (who was
present) that the fovea contained the sesamoid A,
but disagreed with his opinion that the pteroid
instead articulated with the proximal surface of
the preaxial carpal and showed good evidence from
articulated specimens that it actually articulates
with the proximal syncarpal.

That's interesting because that's not the concept Unwin wrote about in his JVP abstract (granted that was submitted months ago, but that was also months after seeing Bennett's Munich presentation two Septembers ago).

In the abstract, "New fossil evidence for a broad forewing in pterosaurs, "Unwin and Wilkinson stated, "…the articular condyle of the pteroid has a complex shape that is complimentary to the anterior cotyle of the medial carpal, within which it articulated..."

That's why I was interested in hearing what he would say and show. Sorry I missed it.

I wonder what inspired Unwin to change his mind? In any case, I'm glad that he did. I think he's on the right track. Which means >>>> there's one less thing to argue about in pterosaurs.

And that's good.

Hopefully he's not still 'bent' on that anteriorly-oriented pteroid configuration idea, even if it was attached at the proximal syncarpal. Just say it ain't so...

David Peters