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RE: Epidexipteryx

Eike  wrote:

> Has there ever been anything on pedomorphosis playing a role in birds 
> becoming fully arboreal?

A while back, Tony Thulborn wrote something similar (though not explicitly 
about arboreality).  From what I remember, it was something along the lines of 
the avian bodyplan arising via pedomorphosis.

Jeff Hecht wrote:

>  All of which leaves us with a diverse range of little feathered dinosaurs 
> closely related to birds running around the late Jurassic and early 
> Cretaceous. 

Definitely.  What's more, there's an impressive array of small (and 
not-so-small) insectivorous, herbivorous, and omnivorous maniraptorans close to 
the origin of birds: alvarezsaurs, therizinosaurs, oviraptorosaurs (including 
_Incisivosaurus_ & _Protarchaeopteryx_), scansoriopterygids, possibly 
troodontids...  Among non-avian maniraptorans, the hypercarnivorous 
dromaeosaurids are starting to look like the exception, not the rule.


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