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Re: Tiny dinosaur on verge of swearing off meat

Augusto Haro wrote:

<Except for the enlargement of the canines, the basal position within
Ornithischia now hypothesized for Heterodontosaurus by Butler et al. (2007)
suggests that these theropod-like tooth may be just plesiomorphic
retentions, unless Silesaurus and Azendohsaurus (with basally constricted
teeth) turn out to be successive outgroups of Ornithischia and Dinosauria.
That the serrations of the crown are perpendicular instead of oblique would
represent a further plesiomorphy.>

Remember that _Azendohsaurus_ is now hypothesized to be a
non-archosauriform archosauromorph and thus should not be found in that
position in analyses.

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