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Another Knight picture

The October 2008 issue of "Scientific American" (cover story: Big Bounce
cosmology) has a Charles Knight picture I hadn't seen before on page 9: an
Arsinotherium, standing on dry land with legs spread for stability, tossing
a wolf-ish animal (I suppose meant to be some sort of Creodont or
Mesonychid) over its head.  It's in the "50 and 100 years ago" section, news
item from 1908 (?) of the discovery of a nearly complete A. skeleton.
Reproduction of picture unfortunately quite small.  ...  Don't know how
realistic it is (an A. confronted by a potential predator on land might
waddle as fast as it could into the nearest water rather than standing to
fight!), but it's a nice dramatic image.
Allen Hazen
University of Melbourne