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Re: Beverly Hills New Papers

> Benton, M.J. 2008. How to find a dinosaurs, and the role of synonymy in
> biodiversity studies. Paleobiology 34(4):516-533. doi: 10.1666/06077.1.

That was his SVP talk.

> Zhang, G., Wang, Y., Jones, M.E.H., and Evans, S.E. 2008. A new Early
> Cretaceous salamander (Regalerpeton weichangensis gen. et sp. nov.) from
> the Huajiying Formation of northeastern China. Cretaceous Research. doi:
> 10.1016/j.cretres.2008.10.004.

That was their SVP poster; be careful about the phylogeny, because -- despite 
its taxon sampling, which is much better than in anything published so far! -- 
it is chock full of oddities, which probably result from the fact that no 
attempt was made to deal with the effects of paedomorphosis. I talked to Wang 
Yuan about this, and he agreed, but if the paper is out now, that means it was 
way too late to do anything about that.

Incidentally, Robert Carroll presented yet another such salamander (from the 
Daohugou Bed) in his talk.
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