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Aerosteon Fight Club

New items on the Aerosteon paper discussion:
Paul Sereno's comments at PLoS ONE  - "Wedelâs misleading,  ad hominem 
critique" - http://tinyurl.com/6dpl8k
and Matt "Wedel's "The Aerosteon saga, Part 3: True and false ad hominems"  
at http://svpow.wordpress.com/
Original DML post by Mark Witton  http://dml.cmnh.org/2008Oct/msg00054.html:

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Hi  folks,

If you're looking for something to procrastinate with on a dreary  Monday 
lunchtime, I heartily recommend checking out the latest SV-POW!  posts. For a 
change, this week's articles are not long, long descriptions of  bits of 
sauropod vertebrae that no-one else even knew existed, but are  discussions 
the science and ethics that accompany the recently published  _Aerosteon_ 
You can find part 1  here:


and  it's  sequel:


Recommended  reading for anyone with an interest in performing and publishing 
scientific  research, I reckon. 
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