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Re: JFC - allosaur/ceratosaur - going off the rails?

We must all be soulmates. All I do when I watch this show is exclaim "WTF?!?", etc. How about te allosaur going for a fully-grown Camarasaurus[w/ a smaller one next to it] w/ 2 Stegosaurs already tracked in the mud? Besides the fact that 2 allosaurs lingered around them for over 10 minutes and neither head the sense to just rip one of their heads off and just danced around them like retards the whole time.
Or the Gang Killer ep. where "Georgie" talks about how the Deinonychus would single out a weak/old member of the herd, then proceed to do the EXACT opposite & take 4 casualities in the process? This besides the fact that Jurassic Park 3 had more anatomically correct Deinonychosaurs.

On 4-Sep-08, at 12:10 PM, Arthur Masloski wrote:

Forget the ceratosaurs; isn't it allosaurus who is had the most proof
for being a pack hunter? I did enjoy watching the episode...visually
but the commentary just got under my skin. Especially in regards to
the "obvious" superior intellect possessed by allosaurus that they
kept feeling the need to bring up.

On 9/4/08, Andy Grass <adgrass@gmail.com> wrote:
"There's no evidence that they hunted in packs, but I have no problem
believing they did."

My head exploded when he said that.

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 8:40 AM, Hammer <hammeris1@bellsouth.net> wrote:
"Ceratosaurs probably mated for life."

What? ??

And there were many other statements of SWAG made out to be facts
in this ep. Kinda rubs the wrong way - how about "some paleo's theorize
... "

On the upside we got to see some more varied faces
and the CGI looked better (to me) in this one.