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Re: From the ground up flight: anecdote

On Fri, Sep 05, 2008 at 12:54:45AM -0500, Tim Williams scripsit:
> Yes, but... this requires that the first flying theropods could both
> (a) launch from the ground and (b) land in trees.  

What _kind_ of trees?

I can fairly readily see a "ooof-and-crouch-and-scramble" landing on
cycad fronds or many kinds of conifer branch, since both at least
approximate a (sparse!) flat surface much better than the twiggy and
more three dimensional deciduous tree branch.

And back in the Jurassic, there wouldn't have been any deciduous
branches.  So the landing target may well have been the peak of a frond,
and the use of a perching foot quite limited.

-- Graydon