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Re: A Paleontologist's beer!

When I was last in the USA I was 16 and in the company of my parents, thus never had the privilege of sampling American beers in their domestic form - I'm not sure Heinken here in Oz is the same as over there. As a rule Aussie beers start at alcohol contents where most American beers leave off according to a few friends I've known who have lived in the USA. Over 5% is pretty typical in Oz, and the bottles and cans seem to be larger. I'm sure John can testify that Australians do like their beer. Here in Queensland the local brew is XXXX - or Forex - but it tastes too much like the wall lining of the vats for my liking. A visit to that particular brewery is a Grade school excursion, or used to be. I suspect we're all trained as kids to like beer by the taste of Vegemite - a yeast extract spread, which most Aussies claim to adore. It's an acquired taste. And it tastes a bit like beer... as it really is beer fermentation vat scrapings. Or near enough to.


The mighty dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago last Tuesday. There were many reasons for this, and here is just one... No. 342...

john hunt wrote:
Sorry, but you yanks don't do beer either! Perhaps one day the DML could
evolve into a proper web forum where I could use smilies and all that, but
you really don't know the meaning of beer. It's the same word in US and
British English - but totally different meaning - says a Brit who has just
spent the night with two Australians.

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