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Now this muddles things up stratigraphically...


The gist of this: the main fossil bearing units of the uppermost Chinle
(esp. the Coelophysis quarry), once thought to be Carnian (early Late
Triassic), and more recently as Norian (mid-late Late Triassic), may be late
Rhaetian (latest Late Triassic) or even earliest Hettangian.

As Bill Parker points out in his blog
html), if correct this has the potential of pulling phytosaurs,
"rauisuchians", and aetosaurs (traditionally victims of the Tr/J extinction)
into the earliest J.

An appealing element of an extremely young uppermost Chinle (but keeping it
within the Tr) would make these high-diversity faunas and the high-diversity
ichnofaunas of eastern North America of the latest Triassic correlative. 

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