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RE: A Paleontologist's beer!

Sorry, Budweiser is Czech beer.  The US brewer tried to sue for copyright
but the original had been going much, much longer.

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Hi Hanneke

Sorry for the unintentional blasphemy - I meant Budweiser! Yikes!


Hanneke JM Meijer wrote:
> I am sorry to inform you that Heineken is a Dutch beer, not an 
> American one. Believe me, we can do much better than Heineken....
> Hanneke
> On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 12:02 PM, Adam Crowl <adam@crowlspace.com 
> <mailto:adam@crowlspace.com>> wrote:
>     When I was last in the USA I was 16 and in the company of my
>     parents, thus never had the privilege of sampling American beers
>     in their domestic form - I'm not sure Heinken here in Oz is the
>     same as over there. As a rule Aussie beers start at alcohol
>     contents where most American beers leave off according to a few
>     friends I've known who have lived in the USA. Over 5% is pretty
>     typical in Oz, and the bottles and cans seem to be larger. I'm
>     sure John can testify that Australians do like their beer. Here in
>     Queensland the local brew is XXXX - or Forex - but it tastes too
>     much like the wall lining of the vats for my liking. A visit to
>     that particular brewery is a Grade school excursion, or used to
>     be. I suspect we're all trained as kids to like beer by the taste
>     of Vegemite - a yeast extract spread, which most Aussies claim to
>     adore. It's an acquired taste. And it tastes a bit like beer... as
>     it really is beer fermentation vat scrapings. Or near enough to.
>     Adam
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