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A quick commentary and an announcement.

Just purchased two excellent books to brighten my life lately (literally)... "Glorified Dinosaurs" by Luis Chiappe: A great summary of dinoavian studies with lots of illustrations and photographs of specimens (only critique: I wish the specimen photographs were clearer and brighter). The text is clear, succinct and cover all basis including a basic history review and clear explanations on why Feduccia and his cohorts are still wrong (even if they jump the gun in desperation trying to sell Deinonychus as a flightless bird).
The second great surprise is a very much needed expanded and updated "Dawn of the dinosaurs" by Nicholas Fraser and illustrated by Douglas Henderson. A comprehensive study of the Triassic with incredible illustrations. I'm amazed by all the new stuff by Henderson: he has literally exploded in color!
I may be late and outdate for many, but i earnestly recommend these two. Never too late!

On other matters, I've gone a little experimental: Random House is releasing "Dinosaurs In The Round" a full three dimensional pop-up book(with booklet included)! The final thing looks rather interesting and it is a very attractive format. It is a carousel that opens up to show three scenes (Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous) with lots of action. A real departure from what I have been doing lately... so check it out if you can. It was fun to work in a super- multi layered format.

Feedback is always welcome.

Luis Rey

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