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Re: Japanese theropod nomen nudum extravaganza

Quoting Michael Mortimer <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com>:

> The first discovered element of Fukuiraptor may be a tooth from the type
> quarry nicknamed Tsuchikura-ryu by Azuma (1991) and referred to
> Megalosauridae. Currie and Azuma (2006) note 89% of the teeth from that
> quarry are from Fukuiraptor, whose teeth do possess the generalized
> carnosaur/megalosaur morphology. While several other Japanese nicknames have
> been inappropriately transformed into nomina nuda in the published
> literature, "Tsuchikurasaurus" is so far restricted to the internet,
> specifically due to the IVPP's dinosaur.net site. 
> References- Azuma, 1991. Early Cretaceous Dinosaur Fauna from the Tetori
> Group, central Japan. Research on Dinosaurs from the Tetori Group (1).
> Professor S. Miura Memorial Volume, 55-69.
> http://www.dinosaur.net.cn/museum/Tsuchikurasaurus.htm
> Currie and Azuma, 2006. New specimens, including a growth series of
> Fukuiraptor (Dinosauria, Theropoda) from the Lower Cretaceous Kitadani Quarry
> of Japan. J. Paleont. Soc. Korea. 22(1), 173-193. 

The latter is available as a free PDF:


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