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RE: Japanese theropod nomen nudum extravaganza

What ever happened to "Tonouchisaurus"?  This was an (alleged) tyrannosaurid, 
that (allegedly) came from the Early Cretaceous of Mongolia, and which was 
(allegedly) more primitive than later tyrannosaurs?   It was (allegedly) much 
smaller than later tyrannosaurids, and (allegedly) had a small, didactyl manus. 

Cheers, Tim

> Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 14:33:56 +1000
> From: dannj@alphalink.com.au
> Subject: Re: Japanese theropod nomen nudum extravaganza
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Quoting Michael Mortimer :
>> The first discovered element of Fukuiraptor may be a tooth from the type
>> quarry nicknamed Tsuchikura-ryu by Azuma (1991) and referred to
>> Megalosauridae. Currie and Azuma (2006) note 89% of the teeth from that
>> quarry are from Fukuiraptor, whose teeth do possess the generalized
>> carnosaur/megalosaur morphology. While several other Japanese nicknames have
>> been inappropriately transformed into nomina nuda in the published
>> literature, "Tsuchikurasaurus" is so far restricted to the internet,
>> specifically due to the IVPP's dinosaur.net site.
>> References- Azuma, 1991. Early Cretaceous Dinosaur Fauna from the Tetori
>> Group, central Japan. Research on Dinosaurs from the Tetori Group (1).
>> Professor S. Miura Memorial Volume, 55-69.
>> http://www.dinosaur.net.cn/museum/Tsuchikurasaurus.htm
>> Currie and Azuma, 2006. New specimens, including a growth series of
>> Fukuiraptor (Dinosauria, Theropoda) from the Lower Cretaceous Kitadani Quarry
>> of Japan. J. Paleont. Soc. Korea. 22(1), 173-193.
> The latter is available as a free PDF:
> http://cactus.dixie.edu/jharris/Currie&Azuma_Fukuiraptor_growth.pdf
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