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SV: In search of Marsh 1896 "The dinosaurs of North America"

It is already available online though as a DejaVu file:


If you don't have a DejaVu reader you can download it here:


Tommy Tyrberg

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Skickat: den 11 september 2008 02:21
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Ämne: In search of Marsh 1896 "The dinosaurs of North America"

I am trying to find a copy of Marsh's "dinosaurs of North America":

        Marsh, O. C.  1896.  The Dinosaurs of North America.
        US Geological Survey, Sixteenth Annual Report,
        1894-95: 133-414.

No joy so far.  If anyone has this as a PDF (or indeed can face the
idea of photocopying such a monster for me), I'd greatly appreciate
hearing from you.  Thanks!

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