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RE: The New Papers That Preys

Jaime Hadden wrote-

> The same split-carinate tooth? Or additional teeth in the same Group, but not 
> Formation, or the same Formation? 'Cause this would be interesting. The 
> abstracts seems to purport this is the first such tooth of a taxonomic 
> nature, rather than just the carinate variation.

Same formation, but who knows if the split carina tooth is one of those listed 
by Candeiro et al..  As quoted in the Candeiro et al. (2006) paper-

"Material. CPP 124, 127, 129a, 152, 156, 197, 199, 200, 208, 216, 241, 375/1, 
376, 447-449, 474, 475; MMR/UFU-PV
005 and UFRJ-DG 379-Rd, all isolated teeth. CPP specimens are from Peiropolis, 
municipality of Uberaba; Marılia Formation, upper Maastrichtian;"

"Strata of the Adamantina and Marılia formations have yielded a large number of 
carcharodontosaurid teeth (Candeiro, 2002)."

Mickey Mortimer