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AW: New Velociraptor footprints

Hi, everyone!

Well... Im digging with that team since 2005. I found those footprints.

Of course they are not /Velociraptor/ Berriasian... But of the few
dromaeosaurid tracks discovered so far (6 to my knowledge)
/Velociraptorichnus/ shows more similarities than all the others.

We found 49 footprints that are well enough preserved to determine l/r -
foot, and type (there are several doubtful ones not included in the 49). 9
individual tracks can be followed (one consisting only of 2 footprints
"standing raptor" - see below). Only 2 of the tracks 9 run parallel. Total
impression length (through 3rd toe and "heel") ranges around 20 cm. Angle of
divarification (toe 3-4) ranges from subparallel to 30?. No signs of a toe 2
or "sickle-claw" impression are visible at all, except for good impressions
of the "toe 2 joint" on most footprints.

The trackway that was discovered first (12 consecutive steps) turned out to
be the longest. One of the tracks looks like it has been made by an animal
that wasnt moving for some time - "standing raptor". That one has a
beautifull impression of the claw on toe 3 preserved. A small track of 3
footsteps might belong to that same track, but some steps in between are

The hole place (~rectangle of about 800 m2. We call it the "Huhnerhof" -
"Chickenyard" or something) is full of footprints (mostly small to large
theropods of the /Grallator/ and /Megalosauripus/ type). Astonishingly few
(!) "/Iguanodon/-type" footprints and very few looking like some more
grazile Ornithopod. But maybe Ornithopods just didnt enjoy long walks in the
presence of large amounts of theropods (may turn out to be around 70%
Nothing in the way of a "preferred direction of travel" is visible at all at
the "Huhnerhof" so far.

We hope to continue digging there next season, and that there will be enough
long winter evenings to work our way through the chaos I tried to describe
above. Will be much much fun!

All the best!

Torsten van der Lubbe

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On Fri, 12 Sep 2008, Amtoine Grant wrote:

> Any luck w/ an English translation?
> On 12-Sep-08, at 4:26 PM, Yasmani Ceballos Izquierdo wrote:
>> News recent discoverys in europe described Velociraptor footprints. Links
>> here:
>> http://nachrichten.t-online.de/c/16/18/01/02/16180102.html

I plugged this one in and selected German to English...

Not perfect, but it IS free ;)