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RE: Triassic dinosaur evolution

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> I really, really don't have time to write this, but the heads 
> of allosaurs, dromaeosaurs and a bunch of other 'saurs ain't 
> build for holding struggling animals. They may get there 
> first, but theropod arms are surely going to be holding 
> things in place while sickle claws, raking jaws or whatever 
> do the dirty work. Noteable exceptions to this, of course, as 
> tyrannosaurs, which appear to have jaws that both hold and 
> dispatch prey. Maybe that's why their arms were comparatively 
> diminutive. 


See, among many other sources, Fastovsky & Smith's paleoecology chapter of
Dinosauria II; Farlow & my article in 2002 The Fossil Record of Predation;
my chapters in the 2003 Predator-Prey in the Fossil Record volume and in
this year's Larson & Carpenter T. rex volume; various articles by Carpenter
and by Senter over the years; Therrien et al.'s Bite Me chapter in The
Carnivorous Dinosaurs; etc.

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