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Theropod Database updates

The Theropod Database has seen a number of important updates including a 
massive reorganization of basal tetanurines, the addition of all named 
non-maniraptoriform avepods (though entries are going to be expanded as I add 
more information on each taxon, of course), and entries on obscure taxa like 
"Tonouchisaurus", "Labrosaurus" "huene" (it never existed!), Cretaaviculus, 
"Ornithocheirus" hilsensis, "Ngexisaurus" and "Sidormimus".  Specifically...

9-17-08- Added Phaedrolosaurus, "Tonouchisaurus", Huaxiagnathus, 
Proceratosaurus, Nedcolbertia, Orkoraptor, Ornitholestes, Santanaraptor, 
Sinosauropteryx, Scipionyx, Ilerdopteryx and Cretaaviculus. Minor updates to 
other coelurosaurs were also made. Also updated "Labrosaurus" "huene" yet 
again, since I received a copy of Huene's 1958 paper.

9-13-08- Added Berberosaurus, Kryptops, Eocarcharia and Carcharodontosaurus 
iguidensis. Updated the "Labrosaurus" "huene" and "Ornithocheirus" hilsensis 
entries since I was able to check their original references. Completely redid 
the Carnosauria, "Megalosauroidea" and basal Tetanurae portions of the 
cladogram, to be in line with new studies (e.g. Smith et al., 2008). 
Specifically, Megalosaurus was moved to Tetanurae incertae sedis, Erectopus and 
Streptospondylus were moved to basal Tetanurae, Lourinhanosaurus and 
Monolophosaurus were moved to be spinosauroid-grade tetanurines, Megaraptor was 
made the spinosauroids' sister group and Marshosaurus was placed into 
Sinraptoridae. Megalosauroidea was dismantled into Spinosauria and 
Eustreptospondylinae, and carcharodontosaurid relationships were revised (based 
partly on data from Brusatte and Sereno, 2008). Ceratosaur relationships were 
also slightly changed (after Carrano and Sampson, 2008), though most data from 
that paper still needs
 to be incorporated.

9-11-08- Added some of the most obscure theropod taxa- Chingkankousaurus, 
"Futabasaurus", "Katsuyamasaurus", Kelmayisaurus? "gigantus", "Labrosaurus" 
"huene", "Megalosaurus" lonzeensis, "Ornithocheirus" hilsensis, "Ngexisaurus 
dapukaensis", "Sidormimus", "Mifunesaurus", "Kagasaurus", "Sanchusaurus" and 
"Kitadanisaurus". I synonymized a couple of nomina nuda too- Szechuanosaurus 
"yandonensis" into "Szechuanoraptor" zigongensis and "Tsuchikurasaurus" into 
Fukuiraptor. I also updated the Marshosaurus, Megaraptor, Sigilmassasaurus and 
Tyrannosaurus entries.

Mickey Mortimer
The Theropod Database- http://home.comcast.net/~eoraptor/Home.html