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Re: Feathered Dinosaurs book

I just bought the book two days ago and I can't put it down! I'm a Schouten fan for sure! In my opinion, this is the only artist that has made feathered dinosaurs extremely appealing ( I'm on the losing side of this too). I've talked to many artists who HATE to feather their dinosaurs, on a strictly artistic level it really cramped everyone's asthetic. Mostly feathered dinosaurs wind up looking like terrifying molting muppets.
On a recent dinosaur movie project I pushed very hard for birdy dinosaurs. I explained to the producers that dinosaurs with eyelashes, flushing colors, irridecence, cock combs, throat wattles, display feathers, blue tongues...etc would be a welcome and plausible scenario. We could have beautiful dinos, not just more Jurassic Park dinos. Looking at bird photos didn't work, and showing dinosaur books that had feathered dinos didn't work because they kept looking at the unfeathered ones! Now I can hand them this book and go "see, this works!"
Schouten's descriptions of why he chose to portray each dinosaur the way he did is well thought out. This is an artist who really knows animals, not just dinosaurs.
If anyone knows this man, buy him Fossil Fuels brew for me.


On Sep 18, 2008, at 8:11 PM, Choo, Brian wrote:

It's a shame that Gigantoraptor was announced just as the final proofs
were sent off, I would have loved to have seen Peter's rendition of that
animal - he did manage to whip up Sinocalliopteryx at last minute
though. I too am exceedingly annoyed at the 1.5 page image formatting
plus the level of reproduction of some images doesn't do the original
art justice - see "A Gap in Nature" and "Astonishing Animals" to see
what high-quality reproductions of Schouten's artwork look like. Still a
mind-blowing piece of work though!


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