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RE: Campbell's even crazier than a MANIAC? (archeopteryx climbing)

Sim Kining wrote:

> An eagle's talons are highly specialized for predation, so are the claws of 
> large cats, neither seem to 
> have a problem climbing around or perching in trees. 

Neither of these has claws *as* specialized as the sickle claw (and its 
supporting digit) of dromaeosaurids.  Not even seriemas (cariamas).

Yeah sure, maybe the sickle-claw of dromaeosaurids was used for climbing, 
branch-grasping, etc.  But it clearly didn't evolve for this purpose.  It 
sounds like a counsel of despair to argue that the sickle-claw was an arboreal 
tool - especially when there's no elongated, reversed hallux on the other side 
of the foot.



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