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Re: NOVA: Arctic Dinosaurs

Quoting Michael Barton <darwinsbulldog@gmail.com>:

> Here in Montana, PBS will air a NOVA program on 'Arctic Dinosaurs' on
> October 7th. Check your local listings...
> "How is it that dinosaurs have managed to survive and even thrive in
> the gloom of the dark and frigid polar regions? This is one of the
> most intriguing enigmas in paleontology. And now, a unique field
> expedition to Alaska will utilize extreme engineering and perilous
> fossil hunting to defrost a jackpot of new fossil clues. With the help
> of stunning CGI, NOVA breathes life into the polar dinosaurs' lives
> and environment in vivid detail."

Is this the program with Tom Rich 'going troppo' (or whatever the polar version 
of 'troppo' is), and 
the rabid fox that attacks the camp? The CGI wasn't too bad either.


Dann Pigdon
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