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Re: Campbell's even crazier than a MANIAC? (archeopteryx climbing)

Sorry for getting back to the old topic of the function of the
dromaeosaur pedal digit II ungual, and perhaps this was formerly

A problem I always wad in buying that it served to create great cuts
it that I think it is eve difficult for a man to do great cuts with a
blow with a sickle on, for example, a dead cow.

The hindlimb of, say, Deinonychus does not seem to be much robust to
provide origin for strong musculature that may perform these cuts, and
it possesses a "sickle" that is transversally wider than those we
humans can use, so it will require much more force to hit with.

What if the hypertrophied unguals were used for stabbing instead of
slashing? Human stabbing weapons generally possess a sharp edge that
facilitates them the entry to the flesh (most spears in antiquity had
acute edges and were not conical, as well as bayonets and daggers).

The hypertrophied size of the ungual in dromaeosaurs would imply they
can severely damage, but they do not need to slash for so doing. The
sickle ungual is smaller in proportion to the body size than the
canines of many sabertoothed mammals, but dromaeosaurs may fastly
withdraw the ungual after stabbing and stab repeated times.

Not doing cuts may restrict the size of the prey the can kill, but it
can still be prey somewhat larger than themselves, as for sabertooths.