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Re: Campbell's even crazier than a MANIAC? (archeopteryx

Okay, recognizing my ignorance of the morphological adaptations for
burst flying, I want to ask you these two question, which may help in
determining the basal state for Neornithes:

-Can be short-range flight and burst-flight equated? All short-range
flight has to require the power you indicate for burst flight?

-You said Lithornis did not have adaptations for burst flight. Did you
find adaptations for sustained flight in this taxon? (more generally,
are there recognized special adaptations for sustained flight?)

-You said tinamous have less developed burst-flight characters than
Galliformes, yet they also fly for a short distance.

If Lithornis does not fit either the burst- nor sustained- flight
types, and if short-range flight does not necessarily mean burst-,
that the short-range was the ancestral character state for Neornithes
should follow. This does not imply that the Createous birds were
burst- flyers, perhaps their range of flight was even shorter than in
tinamous or galliforms.