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RE: Scleromochlus ankles ++ Kellner 2004

David Peters wrote:

> I don't think these difficulties (should they exist) are
> insurmountable. Also
> it's worth noting that pterosaurs can be ornithodirans without first
> establishing a _Scleromochlus_-Pterosauria sister group relationship.
> –––––––> They can? I was under the impression that dinos + pteros +
> sclero = Ornithodira. (Gauthier 1986). Tell me more.

Benton (2004) offered a revised definition, which excludes _Scleromochlus_, and 
defined Ornithodira as the node-based taxon that includes pterosaurs and 

> If you want to find synapomorphies between pterosaurs and dinosaurs,
> one might look at the palate, occiput or pelvis, characters
> disassociated from flight. But, heck, you won't find them their either.

One should look at as many characters as possible.  And I don't really want to 
"find" synapomorphies; they emerge from analyses of their own volition.  


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