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Re: Campbell's even crazier than a MANIAC? (archeopteryx climbing)

> > Er... no. For natural selection you don't need any
> > competitors at all, just 
> > a population and an environment which may or may not
> > contain competitors. 
> > And "only" contradicts "relevant to
> > evolution from the perspective of 
> > natural selection"!
> Er, yes. In reality, there is ALWAYS competition, even in
> lab.

Especially in the lab.

Less accidents though. 

In the wild, it is probably the other way around for most organisms. You 
usually get only this far from population mean until you can't interbreed 
anymore, and the slight edge that is may afford you the 1 breeding offspring 
more on average in your whole life - which may be well enough. It is not likely 
to help you on a regular base if something much bigger and stronger pounces 
upon you. You either have good karma, or don't.

Once an innovation gets fixed and is apomorphized, all bets are off. But 
instant gratification through evolutionary innovation... no. With noxious 
chemicals or eyecolour maybe, but not with complex morphological/behavioral 



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