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Re: Campbell's even crazier than a MANIAC? (archeopteryx climbing)

Michael Habib wrote:

> The issue at hand
> involves what happens to circulation and lift production for obligate
> gliders (especially those with low aspect ratios and elastic patagia)
> when they flap their airfoils.  It turns out that for many glider
> morphologies, oscillation of the airfoils actually reduces performance,
> especially if flapping is weak.

So, if a low aspect gliding squirrel flaps, it goes down, but if the
glider develops a higher aspect ratio, it should in theory still be a
good flyer and have less trouble when flapping, I suppose (and be
capable of more powerful flapping given the large size of its anterior
extremity, and correlatedly its pectoral musculature -not to say that
getting a large forelimb automatically gives you chicken-sized
pectorals, as contradicted by the state in Archaeopteryx-).