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RE: New dinosaurs in JVP

> Canudo, J., R. Royo-Torres & G. Cuenca-Bescos, 2008. A new sauropod: 
> Tastavinsaurus sanzi gen. et 
> sp. nov. from the Early Cretaceous (Aptian) of Spain. Journal of Vertebrate 
> Paleontology 28 (3): 712-
> 731. Tastavinsaurus is a basal titanosauriform related to Venenosaurus. It is 
> known from one partially
> articulated adult skeleton, "one of the most complete and best-preserved 
> sauropod dinosaur skeletons
> from the European Early Cretaceous."

Interesting tree... nests the Late Triassic _Isanosaurus_ inside the 
Titanosauria, as the sister taxon to the Late Cretaceous saltasaurids!  Not 
sure what's going on here.


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