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RE: Kickboxing Cassowary

Looks to me like a bug has just flown into it's ear and it doesn't like it,
and blames the nearest.... tree. 

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> Quoting Augusto Haro <augustoharo@gmail.com>:
> > Why would sickle-claws not to be cutting for defense? A 
> cutting border 
> > might help penetration.
> I sincerely doubt that keratin can hold much of a cutting 
> edge. Even if it could to begin with, it'd be very difficult 
> to maintain the edge for any length of time.
> The same is true of bronze or copper weapons. They hold a 
> point well enough, and are good as spear heads or stabbing 
> swords (for a while at least), but their slashing 
> capabilities are limited (or at the very least, limited to 
> just one good slash). A bronze sickle-sword would have done 
> as much bludgening as slashing damage. It's thought that the 
> word 'smite' originated from their use in battle (not quite a 
> slash, not quite a heavy blow, but a little bit of both).
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