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Re: weird jurassic dinobird with very weird feathers

  I'm _sure_ I'm not the only one who is gonna say this, especially this early, 
but I suspect this is what we can find if we were to look for an adult 

  Quite just by looking at the gross number of large teeth, the apparent 
phalanx of digit three as long as the mdII-2 phalanx, rather than shorter (and 
therefore possibly mdIII-2), and the forward-oriented pubis, elongated and 
shaft-like ischium which is nonetheless connected to its opposite, the very 
short and broad-ended scapula compared to humerus, which lacks a large 
deltopectoral crest, and the short, semi-lunate appearance of the coracoid, a 
broad U/V shaped furcula without a clear avian-esque quality (though it appears 
to have a hypocleidal "nubbin"), and certainly not least, the mandible aside 
from the dentition appears a dead-ringer for that in *Scansoriopteryx*. I think 
we might have the proof here that both Epi and Scan are juveniles and that they 
are the same taxon. Sadly, this taxon may need to be sunk. It certainly looks 

  I will most certainly love to have Mickey Mortimer and Tim Williams chime in 
on this, as well.


Jaime A. Headden

"Innocent, unbiased observation is a myth." --- P.B. Medawar (1969)