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RE: weird jurassic dinobird with very weird feathers

> In point of fact, had/if this paper had come to me for
> review, that is
> something I would grill them on. They do not clearly have
> the end of the
> tail, and yet they use this as major evidence of the
> distinction between it
> and _Epidendrosaurus_.

It ought not to have been done; this problem is common enough.

> Agreed. Additionally, I think we are within a year or four
> of numerous
> papers that might place Archie outside of Deinonychosauria
> + Avialae. Or
> within that clade, but not on the bird branch...

Probably the latter if I'd have to hazard a guess, though we'll have to see. 
Geographically it is just too far off. It is good to have remains - any remains 
- of anything reasonably close in phylogeny and time. I can only say that 
again: irrespective of taxonomic, systematic, and interpretational issues, the 
specimen in itself is an Invisible-Pink-Unicorn-send.

> homologies of the bones. Don't know what Nature is
> thinking...

Hmmm... "Publish or perish" perhaps?