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Looking for a roommate

Every year before the SVP meeting, the DML crawls with requests for roommates. Except this year -- to my great surprise, I was the only one to send such a request, and I have not received any answer. Because the meeting is just two weeks away (the expensive hotels around the convention center are all already full), I have now booked a two-bed room in America's Best Value Inn, which is close to both the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and the convention center. It is cheap, but still not as cheap as it could be (I'm paying for both beds), and might in the end prevent someone else from attending the congress (the next more expensive hotel is booked out).

- If any of you still need accommodation for the SVP meeting, please tell me.
- If any of you are in the same situation as I (alone in a two-bed room), please tell me, so we can go together and cancel whichever is the more expensive one. I can cancel till 48 h before arrival (which is going to be 21:00 to 22:00 on October 14th).

I'd be very grateful if someone could forward this to the vrtpaleo mailing list.