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Re: Sauropod dinos kept a level head: expert

Dan Chure writes:
 > > For those who have access: here's the original letter and answer.
 > >
 > > http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/323/5922/1671
 > A previously posted link on this led to a news story that cited
 > Biology Letters as the journal where the Seymour paper was
 > published. Is there more than one paper involved?  If not, any help
 > in which journal its published in? I don't have access to either.

Yes, there are two papers.  There is a three-pager out in Biology
Letters today, which you can see here:
The PDF is free.  Yay open access!

The 300-word letter in Science a few days ago seems to be rather too
enthusiastic abridging of this article (so abridged that the numbers
don't make sense to me, nor to the three people I've discussed it
with).  I've not yet had a chance to read the Biology Letters version,
but hopefully it will make matters clearer.

Speaking of open-access papers on sauropod neck posture, do be sure to
check out the next issue of Acta Palaeontologica Polonica ;-)

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