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Re: Sauropod dinos kept a level head: expert

Augusto Haro writes:
 > Do the articular facet orientations of sauropod cervical vertebrae
 > support the suggestion the neck was held horizontally?

*sigh* ...  :-)

According to the currently published literature, yes: the classic
paper on this is Stevens and Parrish's short and pleasantly
comprehensible DinoMorph paper in Science in 1999:
You can download the PDF with a free registation.

However: various people, including Greg Paul, Scott Hartman and me
have expressed doubts that the data supports such uniquivocal results
as that paper and its sequels suggest.  So far, those doubts have
(AFAIK) been expressed only in conferences talks and posters, and on
this list, but it's surely only a matter of time before someone
responds in print.

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