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sensitivity analysis for mathematical models in dinosaurs

Hello to all, I have theses references, but I want that somebody give me some 
other references of some papers that speaks about some calculations with
sensitivity analysis for mathematical models....

I have this references:

HUTCHINSON, J. R. (2004) Biomechanical modeling and sensitivity analysis of 
bipedal running ability. I. Extant taxa. J Morphol 262, 421-440.

HUTCHINSON, J. R. Analysis of hindlimb muscle moment arms in Tyrannosaurus rex 
using a three-dimensional musculoskeletal computer model: implications for 
stance, gait, and speed


Bates KT, Manning PL, Hodgetts D, Sellers WI (2009) Estimating Mass Properties 
of Dinosaurs Using Laser Imaging and 3D Computer Modelling. PLoS

ONE 4(2): e4532. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0004532

Please help, I only need the reference (cite)


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