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I New Papers You, Man

Jerry D. Harris writes:
 > Upchurch, P., Martin, J., and Taylor, M.P. 2009. Cetiosaurus Owen,
 > 1841 (Dinosauria, Sauropoda): proposed conservation of usage by
 > designation of Cetiosaurus oxoniensis Phillips, 1871 as the type
 > species. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 66(1):51-55.
 > ABSTRACT: The purpose of this application, under Article 81.1 of
 > the Code, is to preserve stability in the taxonomy of sauropod
 > dinosaurs by designating Cetiosaurus oxoniensis as the type species
 > of Cetiosaurus. The genus Cetiosaurus (including the species
 > C. medius and C. oxoniensis) was established during the earliest
 > period of research on sauropod dinosaurs, and is historically
 > significant. The name Cetiosaurus was fixed to the type species
 > Cetiosaurus medius, a sauropod of indeterminate affinities;
 > however, the fragmentary nature of the type material of C. medius,
 > combined with the subsequent description of much more complete
 > Middle Jurassic sauropod material as Cetiosaurus oxoniensis, has
 > meant that subsequent literature has overwhelmingly adopted
 > C. oxoniensis over C. medius as the primary exemplar of
 > Cetiosaurus. Stability would be best served by designating
 > Cetiosaurus oxoniensis as the type species of the genus Cetiosaurus
 > in place of the current type species, C. medius.

By the way, Jerry told me (in a comment on SV-POW!) that the
Commission tends to act more quickly on petitions that get plenty of
comments.  So if you agree that it's good to conserve the traditional
sense of Cetiosaurus (or indeed if you disagree) please do write to
the Commission.  Details on how to do so are included at the end of
the PDF, which you can get from:

Do your bit for stability in sauropod nomenclature!

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