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8CFR Conference on Fossil Resources, May 19-21, 2009

Posted on behalf of Scott Foss:


This is an opportunity to learn about public land management policy
and talk to the paleo land management professionals in person.  AND if
you have been following the Paleontological Resources Preservation Act
(PRPA), saw it get signed into public law on Monday, March 30, and are
in suspense about what happens now, this is the place to ask.

If you work on public lands, this is a good place to network with
other professionals.  80% of fossils in public museums in North
America are from public lands.  Chances are your research is affected
by public land management policy.

About the Conferences on Fossil Resources:

The Conference on Fossil Resources convenes periodically to provide an
opportunity for public land managers, professional scientists and
interested amateurs to come together to discuss successes, discoveries
and land management policy to protect and enhance our Nation's
paleontological resources. Through collaboration, we seek to maximize
scientific, educational and recreational opportunities on our public

The 2009 conference will be the eighth time this group has convened.
The 8th CFR will be attended by representatives from various
government agencies, professional paleontologists, students and
interested parties from several countries. Sessions will be held on
the following topics:

. Paleontological research on public lands
. Permitting and museum collections
. Partnerships in management and research
. Law enforcement and fossil protection
. Education stewardship and public involvement
. International perspectives

The conference will also include field trips and social / networking events.

More information at:  http://www.8cfr.org

Jerry D. Harris
Director of Paleontology
Dixie State College
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E-mail: jharris@dixie.edu
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"Life is the art of drawing
sufficient conclusions from
insufficient premises."
               -- Samuel Butler