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Another new sauropod from Cretaceous China

I ran across this while browsing on the internet.  I do not believe it has been 
mentioned on list, so I thought I would introduce Ruyangosaurus giganteus.

Lu J, Xu L, Jia S, Zhang X, Zhang J, Yang L, You H, Ji Q. 2009. A new gigantic 
sauropod dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Ruyang, Henan, China. Geological 
Bulletin of China 28(1).


The new gigantic sauropod dinosaur Ruyangosaurus giganteus gen. et sp. nov. 
from the early Late Cretaceous Mangchuan Formation of Ruyang, Henan, China is 
described.  It is characterized by a lower neural spine, lack of 
centroprezygoapophyseal lamina, a large, irregularly triangular deep fossa on 
the lateral surface of the neural arch, the prezygodiapophyseal lamina oriented 
anteroposteriorly, and a robust tibia, some 127 cm in length.  The discovery of 
Ruyangosaurus indicates that a higher diversity of sauropod dinosaurs occurred 
during the early Late Cretaceous than previously thought.

I cannot access the paper due to subscription requirements, but it is available 
at this URL: http://www.cqvip.com/qk/95894a/2009001/29231349.html.

Adam Pritchard