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Re: Eotitanosuchus olsoni

Hi there,

Hm, interesting paper; I do have more recent description, but not the original in which Eotitanosuchus is formally described by Chudinov. I would be also glad if someone could sent it to me.

Thanks you folks

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Mesozoico Web a Ãcrit :
Hi, dino fellows! I come back to annoy you with more requests. I need the publication of this taxon --> Eotitanosuchus olsoni. I know it's not a dino but I'm working on it and I need more information about. I think this is the paper:

Chudinov, P. K. 1965, "New Facts about the Fauna of the Upper Permian of the USSR", Journal of Geology, 73:117-30

If somebody has the paper I'll appreciate a copy.

Thanks to all.

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