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Re: New Papers vs. Aliens

In a message dated 4/6/2009 2:18:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time,  
jharris@dixie.edu reports:

<< Carpenter, K. 2009. Role of lateral body bending in crocodylian  track
making. Ichnos 16(3):202-207. doi:  10.1080/10420940802686137.

ABSTRACT: Locomotion in the alligatorids  Caiman and Alligator show
ontogenetic changes in gait width, manus  orientation, and the amount of
lateral body movement. In addition, the  trackway of an adult Caiman is
narrower than predicted for a semierect  position of the limbs based on
stance. The narrowness of the Caiman trackway  is due to lateral movement of
the body during locomotion. This movement  allows placement of the feet
closer to the trackway midline than would occur  if no lateral bending
occurred. Lateral movement is widespread among limbed  tetrapods, yet little
consideration has been given to its effects in  trackmaking. Inferring stance
from fossil trackways must take into account  lateral body movement,
otherwise the resultant hypothesis will be flawed.  >>

Good Lord! It's been almost  ten years since this was posted. DV