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Re: Greg Paul's New Website

On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 03:54, David Peters <davidpeters@att.net> wrote:
> Greg deserves every accolade that has come to him. The website is a fine
> portfolio of his life. My hat is off to him. I can trust his imagery and I
> have learned a ton from his studies.
> The use of Flash for illustrations prevents others from downloading them and
> getting Freebies. Brilliant.

Not really, it is pretty easy to download the flash and pull the images out.
I guess it keeps out those that are only willing to go as far as right click ->
Save as. But you could do that with those annoying-but-less-so-than-flash
right click prevention scripts.

P.S. I am new to list, and I am confused about the reply-to policy here.
I see a lot of people, but not everyone, replying to the list and individual
posters. Is that encouraged here or does it simply not matter?  The MLs
I am used to (computer related) tend to unleash a lot of anger on anyone
that replies to the ML and the poster (unless they request it because they
are not subscribed).

Kelly Clowers