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Re: Dinosaurs Phylogenetic Tree for Matlab.

So, Dora. It's time for you to listen up and learn a few basics.

Very lovely. Someone quite got carried away with their crayons. But not the same skill with words. They didn't say where they got all that dinosaur DNA to draw such a lovely and complex phylogenetic tree!

Denver, sound out the word, very slowly. phylogenetic. Not just a dinosaur family tree, but based on genetics. .

1) The argument from etymology is a logical fallacy.
2) You got the etymology wrong anyway.
3) You didn't even stop to consider who you're talking to. Most of the active list members are PhD students who actually work on dinosaurs, often on their phylogeny. Others are professional scientists, including full professors like Tom Holtz. Think about it: you basically said that all of us don't understand our very own field, while you, a random stranger on the Internet, can teach us all. Isn't that stupid of you?

all phylogenetic studies of both birds and humans are actual studies of
genetic relationships

LOL! What nonsense!

Again: the argument from ignorance is a logical fallacy.

Ignorance alone is fine. Insisting that one's ignorance is actually knowledge is the root of most evil.

I should think that phylogenetic studies of dinosaurs
would be studies of dinosaur genetics.

Wrong. That would be "genetic studies of dinosaurs", not "phylogenetic" ones.

But maybe I'm the only one of the three of us who could have read
phylogenetic studies of birds and humans.

ROTFL. So you think we never crack open a journal when we're already in the university library or click on a link when we're already on the website of a journal?

19th century Latin

Greek. (But you're in very good company with confusing Latin and Greek.)


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