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Re: Theropod forelimbs

Quoting David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:

> >> I was under the impression that theropods
> >> could not orientate their forelimbs in this manner.
> Theropods, and *Plateosaurus*, and even *Camptosaurus aphanocoetes*, the 
> description of which I happened to read recently. Looks like *Camptosaurus* 
> was about as quadrupedal as a kangaroo... 

*Less* quadrupedal than a 'roo. Kangaroos spend a lot of time moving slowly 
using a pentapedal 
gait (the tail being the fifth 'limb'). They have no trouble orienting their 
mani palm-down. The 
classic (and incorrect) curled theropod manus was probably based on the 
orientation seen in 'roos.


Dann Pigdon
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