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SV: Island Dinosaurs & Pterosaurs

Bornholm in the Baltic has a number of theropod teeth from the
Berriasian, including a coelurosaur, and some middle jurassic
footprints, but nothing that has been determined to species level (I've
seen the dromaeosaur called Dromaeosaurides bornholmiensis, but I don't
think that is a valid name).

Chatham Islands, east of New Zealand (continental crust) also has very
late Cretaceous dinosaurs (at least a small theropod, plus birds
including possibly penguins). And of course New Zealand has late
cretaceous theropods, onithopods and ankylosaurs (at least).

And of course there are a number of records from Japan. At least from
Kyushu, Shikoku and Honshu. I don't remember any from Hokkaido, but
there are dinosaurs from Sachalin (Hadrosaurs I think).

Tommy Tyrberg


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Ämne: Island Dinosaurs & Pterosaurs

Dear all,
I would appreciate any help anyone can provide concerning finds of
Mesozoic dinosaurs or pterosaurs on any islands (those currently in
existence), apart from Great Britain, Isle of Wight, Madagascar, Japan
and Australia. A list of taxa or an individual taxon name would be most
Thank you,

Mo Hassan
The Disillusioned Taxonomist 
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