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Guidebook For Chronister Dinosaur Site, Missouri Available as PDF File

The field trip guidebook to the Chronister Mesozoic Vertebrate 
Fossil Site, Bollinger County, Missouri is available as a PDF 
file. This field trip guidebook is part of the Association of 
Missouri Geologists Guidebook of Filed Trips, 53rd Annual Meeting 
October 6-7, 2006, Sikeston, Missouri.

This guidebook is "FIELD TRIP 1, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6: Chronister 
Mesozoic Vertebrate Fossil Site Bollinger County, Missouri" 
by Dr. Bruce L. Stinchcomb.

The link to this guidebook is found in "Field Trips and Guidebooks" at:


This guidebook can be directly downloaded from:




Paul V. Heinrich
Baton Rouge, LA