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Re: Hone and Benton 2009, quick hit

David Peters <davidpeters@att.net> wrote:

> They compounded
> their sin and created their straw dog when they reported
> that Bennett 1996 placed pterosaurs near or in
> Prolacertiformes, when he did neither. 

Sure he did.  Look at the cladogram in Figure 3 of Bennett (1996).  Pterosauria 
are shown as non-archosaurian archosauromorphs - just two nodes up from 

> To readers of the DML, this is old territory. 

You're not wrong.

> PS. Still glad that Sobral and Langer 2008 were brave
> enough to test Langobardisaurus, Cosesaurus and kin and
> found them to nest with pterosaurs.

This is a non sequitur: the study you're referring to is a supertree (no new 
data, no new taxa; just old trees combined). 

Sobral, G. and Langer, M. (2008) A supertree approach to prolacertiform 
phylogeny. JVP 28, supplement to 3: 145A.