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Re: How to Get Paleontology PDFs [was RE: Pdfs of JVP]

You are quite right, Andy, but the case is that if I must to subcribe to every exist societys, magazines or whatever, to stay updated in paleontology, I just must to be millionaire...

I believe that the open source resources are vital points for everyone who don't belong to an academic institution.

Another site to find paleontologic papers is the Biblio Share area en Mesozoico Forum:



www.mesozoico.com.ar info@mesozoico.com.ar Daniel M. Puglisi Administrador

Andy Farke escribió:
Michael (and other DML'ers),

As a practice of first resort, I would suggest writing the authors to get a 
PDF. I can assure you that it is quite flattering for most authors to get these 
sorts of requests (and I certainly know that folks like Josh Matthews would be 
thrilled to provide a PDF)! Or, if you anticipate a continuing interest in 
JVP's articles, join the society. It's really not that expensive for even an 
associate membership ($50/year), and this provides access to *all* digital 
archives of the journal! Plus, you get the satisfaction of helping out with a 
great cause.

The issue of finding scientific papers has also been covered on my blog (The 
Open Source Paleontologist):


as well as Dave Hone's blog (Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings):

This is not intended to target you in particular, but as a gentle suggestion 
for the list in general.


Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 17:04:05 +0200
From: Michael.Lange@gmx.ch
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: Pdfs of JVP

Dear list,

I'am looking for pdfs of these papers from JVP

If someone can send me a copy, I would much appriciate that,

many thanks in advance,


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